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speedwaystar's Journal

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  2006.05.09  19.00
grant w mclennan: 1958-2006


it's surreal, sitting in an ikebukuro aparto not noticeably bigger than a coffin, listening to grant mclennan's songs. he died yesterday, you know. grant's songs, and the go-betweens in general, are quite possibly the antithesis of tokyo. there's a lack of artifice, and at the same time a deep awareness of it, that is completely missing from every japanese indie band, and every japanese cultural artifact, that i've ever heard or seen. maybe it's something deeply australian, deeply queensland circa 1982, maybe it's just deeply grant. cheap sake, no small glasses to put in the microwave so it tastes like shit, but god damn i need it: a last kampai to the go-between i always unconditionally and guiltily loved. robert, intellectually, sure...i knew he was the one i was supposed to like: he's clever, you see. with all due respect: robert is oblique, ironic. grant was just real. real is pretty embarrassing. and that's hard. there's powerful cultural and peer pressure against real: it's uncool, you know. and that hideous strength grant displayed in showing it (because he *knew*) is so salutary. words fail me. kampai, grant.

and then the railroad/the railroad takes him home/through fields of cattle/through fields of cane. RIP grant w mclennan, 1958-2006.


  2006.05.07  05.42
please wrap spittle

please wrap spittle, originally uploaded by speedwaystar.

it seems like a reasonable request

(from a hong kong rubbish bin in central)


  2006.05.06  09.20
zomg! i'm a log!

taken from: Ha ha! by dethlark

Mood: bemused

  2006.05.06  08.53
zomg! i'm a puppy


taken from: http://peg-leg-pete.livejournal.com/36026.html by peg_leg_pete

Mood: listless

  2006.05.04  21.03
panda antivirus must die

endangered species, originally uploaded by speedwaystar.

panda antivirus is chiefly famous for (a) being crap and (b) destroying missmilky's computer. she can have her revenge in salt lake city, all day sunday! yay!

Mood: calm

  2006.05.04  20.09
the moronic inferno

thee american way, originally uploaded by speedwaystar.

my american experience summed up in one shot. grossly overweight person: check... in-your-face christianity: check... enormous gas-guzzling SUV to compensate for shrivelled cahones: check. and thanks to globalism, coming soon to a city near you.

Mood: numb

  2006.05.04  20.06

so nice of jackie chan to personally meet me at hong kong airport! ^.~

Mood: chipper


  2006.05.02  22.32
rule #1: cover your arse

rule #1: cover your arse, originally uploaded by speedwaystar.

american motor vehicle manuals are about 1000 pages long, mainly because each page has four or five huge boxes in bold type warning the user not to "wrap his lips around the exhaust pipe and suck greedily on the fumes as they may cause disorientation and be injurious to health"... necessary because otherwise a lawsuit against the manufacturer for injury due to CO inhalation in such an instance would probably succeed

Mood: appalled


  2006.04.23  22.16

I have to doff my hat to netstumbler which has thus far allowed me to update my blog and check my mail three times already today in as many different one-horse towns. this last update comes you care of the unsecured 802.11b wireless at bryce canyon national park's general store. bandwidth theft ftw!

Mood: chipper

  2006.04.23  14.30
if you see it once, you'll never be the same again

it hardly seems necessary to report that las vegas is a bizarre and fucked up place. straight off the plane and bang: the ranks of poker machines greet you in the debarkation lounge. they start 20 ft inside the exit gate. the main strip is only two blocks away from the airport, and it's like bosch's vision of hell: a crazed, moronic themepark, with laughable king-hell sized theme hotel/casinos cheek by jowel with tattoo parlours, strip joints and instant wedding chapels. the largest casino by far is caesar's palace, all pax americana roman decadence, a monument to the scicilian mafia's ongoing hold on this town. driving down the strip is a limit experience in itself: merely pulling up at the lights invites the unwanted spectacle of glaze-eyed zombies straight out of sean of the dead as they shuffle or tap their way (many are disabled or just basically fucked up in some way because they can't afford medical care) across the ped ex (american for pedestrian crossing), heading for another gambling fix.

we're now in arizona, driving in the general direction of another monument to gross human stupidity and ugliness: salt lake city, home of the mormon church. i can't wait.

Mood: weird

  2005.02.04  20.51

eh up, happen there's summat here...

Mood: blank